Disrupt Or Be Disrupted


This is a game changer. The country’s virtual year-round 12 hours of sunlight with few temperature extremes and plenty of sustainable water supplies that are supported by rainforests, mountains, and natural ecosystems will be the disrupter.


North America (yes, including Canada) and Europe are unable to compete with mother nature and low cost of sustainable energy with abundant natural resources available to a country such as Colombia. Due to its proximity to the equator, the country basically possesses a 365-day growing season capability as its agricultural industry is well aligned within regions for optimal performance primarily based on altitude for consistency (such as temperature).


Disrupt Or Be Disrupted is not an “if” or “when” related to the medical cannabis industry in North America and Europe, but the question will be “how fast” as the time it is starting “now”. For those in the cannabis industry… if one is not thinking about Colombia or considering its impact in coming years, then you are about to be… disrupted.

Next phase of immense or accelerated growth is game-changer for both inside the country with over 600 active licenses and internationally. So, it’s a “Disrupt Or Be Disrupted” for cannabis, including Big Pharma, Big Ag, and those massive metal production facilities with expensive non-sustainable energy being used in North America and Europe.